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Workplace Laughter Yoga Enhances Staff Morale, Resilience and Personal Efficacy Beliefs

"Thank You!" - MSD Pharmaceuticals 26th September 2016


Above - Laughter Aspirations Workshop for Liverpool Mutual Homes


The USA Workplace Study by Beckman, Regier and Young 2007 found laughter helps a person's ability to achieve a goal and manage a situation.  Dr Melisa Weinberg's Workplace Study with a Melbourne business (Deakin University, Australia), found the immediate impact if Laughter Yoga increased wellbeing in participants supported by a decrease in stress, anxiety and depression.

Five Corporate Benefits

Reduces Stress - Laughter Yoga is the quickest, most effective, most economical way to help staff reduces stress.  This helps to reduce burnout and absenteeism from stress-related illness.

* Creates Emotional Wellbeing - helps staff balance and manage their emotional lives.  This smoothes workplace emotions.

Promotes Peak Performance - by increasing the net supply of oxygen to the brain.  If your mood is good, you do evrything well.  

Enhances Creativity - The playfulness of Laughter Yoga frees right-brain thinking, the basis of all creativity.  Out of this creativity, new ideas and concepts can grow, giving your business the edge it needs to move forward.

*  Builds Team Spirit - Laughter Yoga connects people and this builds team spirit.  Communication skills are enhanced and staff engage with one another in a helpful, mutually-supportive environment.

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